ABB B21 112-100 Energy Meter, Modular, DIN Rail, 1 Phase, 65 A, 220 to 240 Vac, Class B, Pulse Output, RS485

Advanced compact DIN-rail meter with an easy to read back lighted display. The meter is intended for use in the commercial or residential buildings etc. The meter can be used in 3 or 4 wire systems. The meter has several instrumentation values, 25 possible alarms and event logs. Single phase direct connected for active energy. One output for pulses or alarm etc. RS-485 communication over Modbus RTU or EQ Bus. Accuracy class 1.0 (or B for MID meters). The meters is IEC approved + MID approved and verified.


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ABB B21 112-100 Energy Meter


  • Product Net Width: 35 mm
  • Product Net Height: 26.5 mm
  • Product Net Depth / Length: 65 mm
  • Product Net Weight: 0.15 kg

Container Information

  • Package Level 1 Units: 1 piece
  • Package Level 1 Width: 70 mm
  • Package Level 1 Height: 50 mm
  • Package Level 1 Depth / Length: 102 mm
  • Package Level 1 Gross Weight: 0.20 kg
  • Package Level 1 EAN: 7392696001502


  • Ambient Air Temperature: Operation -40 … +70 °C
  • RoHS Status: Following EU Directive 2002/95/EC August 18, 2005 and amendment

Additional Information

    • Standards: EN 50470-3
      RoHS Date: 2012-36
      Rated Voltage (Ur): (Un) N-L 220 … 240 V
      Rated Current (In): 65 A
      Product Name: Electricity Meter
      Product Main Type: B21
      Number of Phases: 1
      Mounting Type: DIN rail
      Meter Type: Direct connected
      Function: Electricity meter
      Frequency (f): 50/60 Hz
      Enclosure Material: Plastic
      Degree of Protection: IP20
      Current Rating: 65 A
      Connecting Capacity Main Circuit: 1 … 25 mm²
      Communication: MODBUS RTU
      Communication Interface: Modbus
      Accuracy: Active Energy Class ±1% (or B for MID meters).


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