ABB Terra AC 11kW, Type 2 cable + B23 SmartMeter

ADAC Wallbox Test winner – 05/2021!

ABB Terra AC 11kW wallbox with cable + B23 SmartMeter. With this set you will be able to use dynamic load balancing function.

Exceptional quality from the world leader – ABB. Smart & future-proof station for the price of regular one.

  • Status and control via App
  • Complete protection: over-current, over-voltage, under voltage, earth fault, integrated lightning protection
  • Charge scheduling ‘Peak shaving’
  • Load balancing
  • Possibility to charge only photovoltaic energy from local inverter
  • and much more



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ABB Terra AC 11kW  with cable 

High-value quality

• One of the best-value charger on the market

• Broad range of connectivity options

• Space-saving and easy-to-install design


Safety and protection

• Evaluated and tested by independent third party to meet the highest standards

• Current limiting protection prevents against nuisance tripping and over current to the installation

• Integrated protections including DC ground fault and over voltage


ABB Terra AC dynamic load management

Load management

• Built-in energy meter

• Manual or automated (dynamic) load management

• Setup for external energy meter integration for dynamic load management

• Ready for integration with advanced smart building energy system

Future proof flexibility

• Smart functionality for optimised charging

• Energy meter integration for dynamic load management

• Dedicated App for control and configuration

• Remote software update enabled







Presentation of all Smart functionalities:

Chargersync APP


Charge scheduling ‘Peak shaving’

• Set your charging time-slots (schedule) to avoid peak electricity prices f.e. evening tariff

• Possible to save 100-300 eur a year* on electricity bill (subject to local electricity pricing)


ChargeSync user App for Terra AC control, status and configuration

Station setup:

Charging status:


ABB Terra AC 11kW model – (TAC-W11-G5-R-0 / 6AGC082156) functionalities:

-Type – Wallbox with Type 2 cable
-Power 11 kW
-Max current 16A

– Plug – Type 2

-RFID authentification
-Cable 5m
-Ethernet (RJ45)
-OCPP 1.6
-Modbus RTU (RS485)

ABB B23 112-100 SmartMeter

Terra AC product Brochure:



* grid operators usually charge 25-40% premium for electricity consumed during evening hours 6-10pm. This is subject to contract with provider. In some countries no evening / night tariff can be provided.



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