CCS 1 to CCS 2 Fast Charge Adapter

Fast charge USA made EVs in Europe

With this adapter, you can connect Combo 1 (Type 1 CCS-Female) electric cars to Combo 2  (Type 2 CCS-Male) fast-charging station.


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CCS 1 to CCS 2 Fast Charge Adapter – charge USA made EV’s in Europe

Almost all of the fast-charging stations in the EU use three types of plugs: DC cHadeMO;  AC Type 2 and DC Combined Charging System (CCS2). In order to charge an EV that has a CCS socket Combo 1 from fast-charging station Combo 2, you need to use this adapter, which allows connecting CCS 1 EV to CCS 2 Station.

Please note: the adapter DOES not have an amperage limiter. It is not recommended to use it with fast charge stations with a current above 150Amps

How to use  Fast Charge :

1.Plug in the Combo 2 end of the adapter to the charging cable

2.Plug in the Combo 1 end of the adapter to your EV’s charging socket

3.After the adapter has clicked – it is ready for the charge

After you you are done with the charging session, disconnect the vehicle side first and later the charging station side.

How to store:

It is important to keep adapter protected. Store it in a dry place. Moisture in the contacts may result in malfunctioning. If adapter gets wet place it in a warm and dry place for 1-2 days. Avoid to leave the adapter outside where the sun, wind, dust and rain can get to it. Dust and dirt will result in the cable not charging. For longevity, ensure that your charging adapter is not twisted or excessively bent during the storage. Best to keep it it in storage bag.

The Fast charging adapter for Electric vehicle is designed for both outdoor and indoor charging and it has IP54 (Ingress Protection). Therefore, this means that it has protection from dust and splash of water from any direction.

Technical information CCS 1 to CCS 2 Charge Adapter

Weight5 kg
Max Power90 kW
Maximum Current150 A
Operational Voltage600 V/DC
Operational Temperature-30 °C to +50 °C
Degree of ProtectionIP54
UV ResistantYes
CertificateCE, UL
ManufacturerDuosida (China)
Warranty24 months


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