TESLA CHADEMO adapter for US Tesla Model 3, S, X

TESLA CHADEMO adapter for EU Tesla is specifically for European, Australian, and Chinese versions of these vehicles. This adapter is specifically designed for Model S, Model X and Model 3. A separate adapter is required for North American, Japanese, Australian and Chinese versions. For Model S without Supercharging enabled, onboard hardware must be activated to use the CHAdeMO adapter. Every new Model S or Model X is already Supercharging enabled. 2019.24.1 firmware or later is required for Model 3 compatibility.


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TESLA CHADEMO adapter US for Tesla Model 3, S, X

Basic information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions720 × 170 × 120 mm
Plug Typeproprietary Tesla US plug
Power Supply PlugCHAdeMO
Degree of ProtectionIP54
Cable Length0.2 m
Adapter Length69cm
ManufacturerTesla (USA)
Warranty12 months


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