ABB HPC Power Cabinet 175kW

Terra HP is ideally suited for highway rest stops and petrol stations where the highest power is required to minimise charging time. Depending on customer needs Terra HP supports 500 A CCS with a liquid cooled cable and 200 A CHAdeMO.


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ABB HPC Power Cabinet model (6AGC067667 – Terra HP CE 175 0-0 )

This power cabinet works together with ABB Terra HPC station.

One Power Cabinet provides 175kW power output. Two cabinets can be installed with one ABB HPC station and can deliver:

  • 2×175 kW (charge two cars with up to 175kW) or
  • 1×350 kW (charge one car with up to 350 kW)


– Highway petrol/service station operators.
– Busy urban areas / shopping malls / offices
– Commercial fleet operators
– EV Infrastructure operators and service providers

ABB HPC Power Cabinet key features

• High output of 375 A and 160 kW continuous per power cabinet

• Charging up to 500 A and 350 kW with two power cabinets

• Dynamic DC functionality: 500 A on two charge posts with only two instead of four power cabinets

• Future proof due to wide output voltage range of 150 – 920 VDC, supporting todays and next generation EVs

A charge post paired with one power cabinet can deliver 375 A and 160 kW continuously, meaning today’s 400 VDC drive train vehicles can charge at high power. Next generation vehicles are sup-ported with an output voltage range of up to 920 VDC. A charge post paired with two power cabinets delivers up to 500 A and 350 kW. With ABB Dynamic DC power sharing technology a second charge post can be added to an installation with two power cabinets, whereby available power is dynamically shared between the charge posts. As this requires only two instead of four power cabinets to reach 500 A at two charge posts, investments are significantly reduced. The system is modular and expandable over time. It is possible to add additional power cabinets and charge posts later on. This is a cost efficient way to scale charging sites with the demands of a growing EV base.

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Product brochure:

ABB Terra HPC Broschure


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