ABB Terra 360 Hypercharger

The Terra 360 one of the fastest all-in-one chargers on the market. Designed around the needs of today’s EV

driver, the Terra 360 is powerful, flexible, user-friendly and designed for accessibility.


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ABB Terra 360 Hypercharger 

ABB’s Terra 360 Hypercharger is one of world’s most powerful and compact all-in-one high-power charging solutions, helping charging network operators deploy fast-charging stations and accelerate the transition to future mobility.

  • ABB Terra 360 Hypercharger  DC charging station supports CCS2 & Chademo (optional) standards
  • up to 360kW (max.) DC Output power
  • Modular and scalable power in 30kW steps
  • up to 4 connectors (optional), 5,5-meter lenght
  • liquid-cooled cables available 500Amps (optional)
  • Power can be split to charge 4 EVs simultaneously 4x80kW
  • can serve a high-performance EV such as Porsche Taycan at full power (270kW) and charge a second vehicle at 90kW rate. Charging at 920 Vdc.
  • Future-proof design for use at petrol stations, office buildings or retail locations
  • 15” inch touchscreen for user interface
  • Optional 27” advertising screens
  • Online (remote) and local service and configuration tools
  • Visualization of the entire charging process on the touchscreen display
  • Designed to maintain unrestricted output power over the entire lifespan
  • RFID authorization function available
  • Robust stainless steel housing


– Highway petrol/service station operators: Highway refueling stations, high traffic roads

– Retail: Busy urban areas/shopping malls/offices, Modern urban charging stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, parking structures.

– Commercial fleet operators: Delivery fleet depots, Taxi, EV fleet depots– EV Infrastructure operators and service providers
– EV dealers and importers: car dealerships, racetracks, car dealerships

Delivery time: 6 month


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