ABB charging cable 22kW TAC-cable T2-T2 7m 3P 32A

EV Charging cable 22kW Type 2 (32A x3 – three phase) – original charging cable from world leading company in e-mobility – ABB.


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ABB charging cable 22kW TAC-cable Type2-Type2 7m 3Phases 32A (6AGC082537)

Key features

  • Original ABB charging Connector for electric vehicles
  • Rugged design. Its structural strength is sufficient enough to support the rolling of an electric car.
  • Unique Arc Extinguishing technique makes sure that there won’t have any electric sparks when plugging in and plugging out.
  • Durable. The advanced Crimping Technology ensures extended working life.
  • Operating voltage 400VAC
  • Operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C
  • Copper alloy contacts
  • Manufacturer – ABB


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