New cylindrical battery for Toyota Prius 3

Warranty: 3 Years

Technology Criterion: IEC60086, 2006/66/EC
Certification: ISO9001:2000; CE/Rohs

VEHICLE FIT: Toyota Prius G3 2010 – 2015

Replace and upgrade Prius NiMH battery pack !

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Prius replacement hybrid battery installment for gen 3

Craft Advantage

1. Produced by imported automated production lines.
2.High level of technology: From slurry manufacturing to unit cell manufacturing with world-class fully automated production equipment to ensure stability and consistency of battery quality.
3. Power performance advantages: With a large rate / high power characteristics, the maximum discharge rate of the battery can reach 30C, and the maximum charge rate can reach 20C.
4. Long life:The product can be used in hybrid vehicles for more than eight years.
5. High safety: Mature technology, after more than 20 years of application, there is no a fire and explosion accident, which has been fully verified by the market.


Craft 1 Craft 2

Based on a profound understanding of the energy utilization, Shenzhen Yabopower Technology Co., Ltd., which was found in 2012, is committed to providing solutions for high quality, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe portable power source to our daily modern lives! Currently, we employ approximately 2,500 people and the area is about 40,000. We can produce a wide range of standard NI-MH rechargeable. In addition, we are able to develop and manufacture NI-MH pack according to special requests from our clients. We support all of clients needs with a large production capacity of up to 600000pcs per day. To meet the new situation of battery industry and customers’ diversified demands around the globe, our company invested and launched in 2013. devoted to building a full industry chain from the advanced energystorage material,advanced battery and auto power battery energy pack to hybrid electric vehicle powertrain system and battery recycling system,with complete intellectual property rightsNow,the products have entered highend supply chain systems successfully,such as Toyota and Honda,leading to fully merging into the international highend industrial distribution.

Hybrid battery Shenzhen Yabopower Technology


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