EV Charging Cable 22kW, 32A, Type 2 to Type 2, 3 phases, 5m

EV charging cable 22kW, 32A, Type 2 to Type 2, 5 meter lenght
Light and ultra-flexible making very easy to use, store and transport. IP55 rated.


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EV Charging Cable 22kW, 32A, Type 2 to Type 2, 3 phases, 5m

With this charging cable for electric vehicle, you can charge your EV/PHEV that has Type 2 port (car socket) with an EV charging station that has Type 2 socket. The cable is 32 Amp, three-phase, can charge your EV up to 22 kW. The product is designed for easy use and is easy to plug. The working length is 5 meters and is made from thermoplastic material. It has protection level IP55, is anti-flaming, pressure-resistant, abrasion-resistant and impact resistant.

How to store:

We recommend to store the cable in a dry place preferably it is suggested to keep it in storage bag. In case cable gets moisture in the contacts will result in fault. If this happens put your cable in a warm and dry place for 12-24 hours. Avoid leaving cable outdoors where the sun, wind, dust or rain can get to it. Dust and dirt in contacts may result in the cable not charging. For longevity, please make sure that your EV charging cable is not twisted or excessively bent during the storage.

EV Charging Cable 22kW, 32A, Type 2 to Type 2, 3 Phase 5m is very easy to use and store. The cable is designed for both outdoor and indoor charging and it has IP55 (Ingress Protection). This means that it has protection from dust and splash of water from any direction.


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