Etrel INCH Home 22 kW Type 2 cable (Grey)

Etrel INCH Home is one of the smartest EV charger in the market for private homes or facilities.


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Etrel INCH Home (model – G-HB1V7CY10) key features:

  • Delivering up to 22 kW of AC power

  • Programable display – set a PIN code for access or program a timer to avoid peak hour charging.
  • Advanced load control. The Load Guard sensor  (ordered separately) – a sensor that goes on your fuse board to monitor the total active power being used by the home – will adjust the amount of power it gives your car, depending on the other power demands in your home, like heating. By adding Load Guard you’ll enjoy the fastest possible charging, and never blow the fuse.

  • Intelligence. The charger learns and predicts your departure time. When in a hurry, choose fast charging with the touch of a finger.

  • Power-price friendly. Set the charger to react and vary charging speeds when the power price is high or low.

  • Etrel Inch Home is solar ready to direct power to your EV when your solar array is producing more than the home needs.

  • Connectivity options – this model has Ethernet cable connectivity and open protocol support – meaning it can be linked to future charging platforms – the charger can be seamlessly integrated into your smart home or facility. For 3G and Wifi connectivity please choose more expensive Etrel Home Inch model.

  • Durable. This charger is weatherproof and designed to last. With a cast aluminium housing, your charger is prepared for even the toughest environments and includes a shatter proof acrylic glass plate.

With Etrel INCH Home you have possibility to charge your car at speed of 22 kW with peace of mind that you are not going to overload your home’s fuse-board. You also have possibility to react to excess solar energy from your current (or future) solar array and direct power to your car instead of to the grid. Also you can save money when you set charging during night hours thus avoid peak hour pricing and higher electricity bill. These features alone will help you save 10-30% off your electricity bill regularly.


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