Fronius Wattpilot Go 11 J

The Fronius Wattpilot 11kW Home device can be operated using the associated Solar.wattpilot app, which also provides an overview of the charging process at the same time. The intelligent plug and play charging solution. The electric car charger for at home & on the road.


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Fronius Wattpilot Go 11 helps every e-car driver to decide how they want to charge their vehicle. In combination with a variable electricity tariff, this is particularly cheap.

There are two versions of Fronius Wattpilot available. Wattpilot Home for the household and Wattpilot mobile.The device are often operated using the associated Solar.wattpilot app, which also provides an summary of the charging process at an equivalent time. The intelligent plug and play charging solution has two different charging modes called Eco and Next Trip.

Economical Charging

To keep the operating costs of an electric car to a minimum, the electricity used for charging should be as economical as possible. This is possible with the Fronius Wattpilot and variable electricity tariffs*.

A variable electricity tariff is based on the flexible market prices for electricity. These prices are usually lower during the night when demand is reduced. With the Wattpilot and the corresponding app, you can charge your electric car when the electricity price is particularly low.

Setup your own Solar Power

E-mobility makes a number of sense for all the ones who’ve their own photovoltaic system, due to the fact jogging an electric powered vehicle may be particularly sustainable and cost-effective if it’s miles charged with self-generated sun energy.

The Fronius Wattpilot Go 11 kW guarantees that the most viable quantity of sun energy this is currently now no longer wished within side the home is used for charging. With the assist of PV surplus charging, the clever charging station attracts even the smallest quantities of surplus sun energy to rate the electrical vehicle.

Key Features

  • EV Charging device 11kW
  • Automatic 1- / 3-phase switching
  • Type 2 socket with mechanical locking
  • Integrated 30 mA AC and 6 mA DC residual current device
  • LED status display
  • Ethernet / WLAN
  • Including wall bracket
  • RFID System: charging can only be started by selected persons with a valid ID-Chip (RFID).
  • Theft-proof charging socket lock.
  • CEE16 plug red 5-pin 30 cm cable incl. neutral conductor
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years


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