JUICE CHARGER me, 11 KW, 5m cable, RFID

The JUICE CHARGER me is particularly compact with an edge length of 24 cm and a depth of 12 cm and also very light with a weight of only 6.5 kg (including cable).

  • KFW funded 11kW wallbox
  • Activation via RFID
  • Plug and Charge – MADE in GERMANY

PLEASE NOTE – 2 week delivery time.


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JUICE CHARGER me is an intelligent wall charging station with charging power up to 11 kW

The JUICE CHARGER me is pre-configured at the factory and can be used immediately on site. No additional settings are required.

JUICE CHARGER is one of the first wall-mounted charging boxes, designed to serve as a “plug and play” standard, the future charging standard for all European countries and other regions.

JUICE CHARGER is funded by KfW (Germany) and is ideal for garages, private parking lots or carports. As a single charging station in the private sector, only electrical connections are required. As a small, simple and inexpensive variant, it is also suitable for hotels, golf/tennis/sports parking lots. Their flexibility in use also makes them attractive for garages and multi-storey parking lots. / Charge control mode, JUICE CHARGER only needs LAN connection.

Get up, plug in, charge: In public places, the car can be unlocked through RFID, without the need for “plug and charge.”


  • A plug-and-play device: the charging station is fully configured at the factory and can be used immediately without any further settings.
  • Equipped with the “connect and charge” function of the car in accordance with ISO 15118. After plugging the charger into the car socket, JUICE CHARGER is activated and the charging process starts.
  • Equipped with an RFID reader suitable for all other vehicles and equipped with two pre-programmed RFID cards.
  • Developed to operate 2 to 250 master and slave units. In this case, one device is responsible for evenly distributing the available power to all other stations. However, smart JUICE’s Omni-directional charging control provides greater flexibility, for example, individual vehicles can be prioritized.
  • They are already equipped with standardized interfaces (Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU, EEBUS) for the latest generation of smart homes, for example, they can be powered from ordinary household photovoltaic systems. Due to IP54, there is no need to control the management of external loads.
  • it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It can be installed on the wall alone, or on a base that can be accessed individually or in pairs. For wall mounting, the docking bracket for Type 2 vehicles is included in the scope of delivery; the free-standing bracket can be provided separately.


Dimensions240 x 240 x 120 mm (H x W x D)
Cable length5 m
Weightapprox. 6.5 kg (incl. charging cable)
Input Current230 V, 6 – 32 A (1 phase) AC or 400 V, 6 – 32 A (3 phase) AC
Power output22 kW (32 A, three phase); regulated version for KfW subsidy: max. 11 kW (16 A, three-phase)
Material, colorframe brushed stainless steel, front panel black UV-resistant polycarbonate glass
CE conformityIEC 61851, IEC 61439-7, EMC RoHS / IEC EN 50470, EMC RoHS (for optional MID compliant meter)
Protection classIP54
RCD safetyRCD DC 6 mA, AC 30 mA – Temperature monitoring
Vehicle side couplingType 2 (IEC 62196)
JUICE CHARGER me is the best choice for:
  1. For price-conscious users who don’t want to compromise on design and functionality.
  2. Use current and future charging standards “plug and play” to make charging easier.
  3. Work indoors and outdoors. The screen is not distorted, but three illuminated color icons indicate the current status.


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