Webasto PURE II Home 11 kW , Type 2

Webasto PURE II Home 11 kW is charging station that will satisfy every one- Awarded the Plus X Award 2019 for quality, design and ease of use.

  • Webasto Pure 11 kW Wallbox now available in 2 product variants: with a choice of 4.5 m or 7 m cable length
  • Configurable charging capacity in different levels from 3.7 kW to 11 kW
  • Easy-to-use Webasto charging station


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Original Webasto PURE II Home, Type 2 with 11 kW output and DC fault current detection do not need expensive type B FI circuit breaker. It is economical and easy available charger with numerous features.

Key Features:

  • Simple installation and fast start-up of Webasto Pure wallbox
  • Configurable charging capacity in different levels from 1,8 kW to 11 kW
  • Integrated type 2 charging cable with 4.5 m or 7 m cable length
  • Convenient cable suspension and high-end plug socket for an easy handling
  • Safe and up to ten times faster charging than with a conventional household socket
  • Charging station operating status display in optimized LED design
  • Access control with universal key switch
  • Easy-to-use charging station (plug & play)
  • Remote access by the grid operator is possible, to ensure grid stability
  • Cost savings for installation, integrated DC residual current protection
  • Suitable for mounting on walls and stands, in indoor and outdoor areas thanks to its high weather resistance (IP54)


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