Alpitronic HYC50 DC wallbox charging station

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Offered configuration with 2xCCS2 (2,7 meter lenght)  + Wall plate + delivery (inside EU)


50kW DC wallbox type station with two connectors and parallel charging possibility.

A new and advanced product from market leader in DC charging.

  • One of the first 50kW wall mountable fast chargers on market
  • up to 50kW charging on one vehicle
  • parallel charging possible at rate 2 x 25kW
  • Continuous 150A charging current
  • Best in class efficiency > 97%
  • In- and outdoor installation
  • Ultra low noise level
  • V2G ready


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Alpitronic HYC50 DC wallbox charging station

The all-new and advanced Alpitronic HYC50 DC wallbox station.  50KW output from a wallbox type station is available. The compact design minimizes the space and allows cost-effective installation.

Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC50 50kW DC station

The Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC50 can has option for single or 2 connectors. HYC50 has nominal 50kW DC output and can support parallel charging. Two electric vehicles can be serviced with parallel charging at rate 2 x 25kW.

Compact Design

Gorgeous design with ease of use and the best charging performance is the guarantee factor for customer satisfaction.

A high degree of serviceability helps to ensure high uptimes and short service use.

Many problems can be solved by the manufacturer’s remote connection even before they appear to customers or the operator.

Hypercharger is very easy and simple to maintain, and investments in the Hypercharger will continue to compensate for tomorrow.

Key Features

It had a Dynamic load balancing full power from 300-1000V and up to 3 DC cables, there is also a 22kW option with socket or cable.

  • 150A DC continuous charging current
  • 50V-1000V
  • Possible options for connectors: CCS1 and CCS2 (150A); CHAdeMO (125A), GBT
  • 10,1′ touch display
  • User registration: RFID, OCPP, credit card reader (optional)
  • IP54 and IK10 environmental certification
  • OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 are ready
  • Network connectivity: GSM/CDMA-Modem, 2G/3G/4G, 10/100Base T-Ethernet, WLAN
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Dimensions: 1250x520x220mm
  • Weight: ~100kg





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