KOSTAD UNITY 20 DC WALBOX 22,5kW (30kW optional)

The Kostad Unity20 Wallbox is compact design but at the same time is high efficiency  (96%) DC charger. Unity20 DC wallbox is suitable solution for private as well as semi-public areas.


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KOSTAD UNITY 20 DC WALBOX 22,5kW –  CCS2 with 5m cable (optional 6 and 8meter)

Available options:

  • 30kW output increase                   +1000eur
  • Stand for 1 DC Wallbox                +1075eur
  • Stand for 2 DC Wallboxes            +1175eur
  • Type B protection inside station   +450eur
  • CCS Connector holder.                +490eur
  • Black & White color standard.      +0eur
  • Custom color                                +220eur



Unity20 DC wallbox is suitable solution for private as well as semi-public areas.

  • Low noise emissions: Possible to use in private house or in residential areas, Kostad Unity 20  meets the standards for noise emission.
  • Reliable: The most modern silicon carbide semiconductors are used in innovative power electronics.
  • Sturdy housing: The DC charging station is designed for uncompromising and long-term operation due to its stainless steel housing.
  • Uncompromised user interface: The touchscreen unit offers problem-free operability even in the event of drops forming on the pane.
  • Simple to use:  easy installation, possibility to remotely monitor
  • User authentication: via App (OCPP) or with RFID tag/card

Futureproof: ROI maximized

• Fully compatible with current and future EVs

• Remote software updates

• Smart functionality means optimized and cost-efficient charging


• GSM / 4G

• Ethernet / LTE

Power output

• 22.5 kW ; 30 kW (optional)

• Charging Voltage: CCS: 200-1000 V DC

• Max current – 80Amps


Delivery time: 8 weeks after order

Pedestals for mounting can be ordered separately.

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