Smart home wallbox EN+ 7.2kW with Type 2 cable, Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, OCPP

The Smart EN+ Home Wallbox EV charging station is designed to be used at home or office. It ensures high reliability and long life. This charging station can operate in 1 Phases 32A, depending on the power source provided.


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Smart home wallbox EN+  is designed to be a simple and cost-effective solution for up to 7.2 kW EV charging. The Smart Home Wallbox can be used in garages, parking lots and other private area.

EV charging station features:

  • App operation
  • RFID authentication
  • Plug and play

Intelligent control:

  • Wireless communication through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • OCPP communication protocol with CMS
  • Smart charge or scheduled charge by App


1. The first installation option is on the wall. Indoors or outdoors.
2. The second installation option is on the standing pole.

How to use:

How to start the charging
1. Firstly, the most important step is to make sure the charger is well connected to the power.
2. Secondly, use your charging cable plug to connect the charging station with your electric vehicle.
3. Download the app
4. Scan the QR code to start the charge

How to stop the charging

1. Firstly, stop the charging in the App.
2. After, disconnect the charging cable from the electric vehicle’s side when you finish charging.

How to check the charging status
1. When the charging station is ready for charge a green light will appear on the station.
2. Red colour indicates an error.

Always remove the charging cable when the station is not in use. The Smart Home Wallbox is designed to be used indoors or outdoors at home or office with top industry quality, ensuring long life and high reliability.

Extremely easy assembly

In the set with the charger, you will get everything necessary for quick and complete mounting of the charger on the wall, among others drilling template, a set of screws and dowels and a holder for convenient cable storage on the wall.




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