Charge Amps Beam Type 2, 5m, 20A

  • Flexible cable – is bendable and flexible at temperatures as low as -25’C
  • Delivers up to 20 A
  • Premium design & quality
  • European standard
  • Comes in a quality & practical case


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Charge Amps Beam Type 2, 5m up to 20A

A perfect combination of flexibility and user-friendly design makes Beam a best companion on any trip or when charging at home.

With Beam, you can charge up to 20 A at all charging stations with the European Type 2 standard. It has an ergonomic grip and a flexible cable that can withstand temperatures down to -25°C. Beam comes packed in a handy case as standard, perfect for storage close at hand in the boot of the car.

Technical data:

Charging current: Max 20A

Operating temperatures: -25 ‘C to +45’C

Charging standard: Mode 3

Voltage: Max 250V

IP rating: IP 66

Lenght: 5m

Weight: 1.8m


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