ENSTO CHAGO PRO – 2×22 kW 4G, LAN, RCD + MCB, Type2

ENSTO Chago Pro is an easy-to-use, long lifetime AC charging station for public and semi-public EV charging. ENSTO Chago Pro has a structure is ideal for demanding environmental conditions and areas where the charging point owner wants to have full control of their EV charging service and offer the best charging experience.

EVF200W-B4BC model with 4G – 220eur more


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ENSTO Chago Pro model EVF200W-BLBC (LAN) 2x22kW, 4G, IP54, IK10, LAN, RCD + MCB, Type2, RCMB 6 mA

This model automatic cable unlock function during power outage also automatic power restore after initiated RCD


Smart solutions put your business first

  • Save money with future-proof Smart EV services
  • Secure cloud-based remote management of your charging stations
  • Easy to combine with your existing apps, loyalty programs, or customer portals


Ideal for any environment

  • Powerful single or dual charging
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Perfect for retailers, fleets, car parks, and more

Value from elegance and durability

  • Stylish Scandinavian design to support your brand
  • High-quality industrial components with a robust steel structure
  • Fully compliant with European regulations

Enjoy a user-friendly experience with ENSTO Chago Pro

  • Plug & Charge for an easy charging experience
  • Effortless and secure user identification with RFID, Mobile App, NFC
  • Ready for Vehicle-to-Grid


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