ETREL INCH DUO – Public charging station 2 x 22 kW, Type2 socket, 4G

Available in stock from 29-05-2023

INCH Duo is a durable charger, ready for continuous operation in demanding public locations. Ergonomic design and a large display with straightforward charging instructions combined with ad-hoc payment option offer convenience for new users. Optional integration with external sensor devices like parking sensors help enhance infrastructure accessibility and optimise usage patterns.

Multi level load balancing capabilities with cluster connectivity, ensure fair distribution of charging power among plugged-in vehicles while respecting the grid connection point limitations.


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ETREL INCH DUO – Public charging station – Type2 socket, 2 x 22 kW (3 x 32 A per connector) adjustableInteractive charging technology

Indicated model –  with default Ethernet connectivity (G-DC3ZFBY10)



– LTE modem + 80eur/unit

– LTE router Teltonika RUT240+ 300 eur/unit

– LTE router Teltonika RUT240 + 5-port network switch+ 500 eur/unit

Contactless Payment terminal + 1000 eur/unit

Colour – Grey + 90eur/unit

Interactive Charging Technology

Etrel charging equipment runs on an interactive charging platform. Interactive charging technology maintains a balance between vehicle, building and grid demands. Within the platform, a set of guiding principles enabled by artificial intelligence and system communication capabilities offer the fastest eco-friendly charging in given circumstances without grid connection point overloads.

ETREL INCH DUO features:

  • Contactless credit card payment and straightforward user interface deliver simplified charging experience (Optional)
  • Dynamic power management in clusters contributes to the scalability of charging infrastructure, lowering the initial investment.
  • Easy installation with a wide-angle door opening and modular components shorten the field time and simplify maintenance.


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