Easee Home Wallbox 22 KW, 3 phase, RFID, Wifi

Colors available: white, Dark Grey, Black

Main features:

  • Remote charging
  • Has option for single-phase or three-phase power supply
  • Type 2 charging station
  • Built-in RFID reader
  • Has charging capacity 2.3kW – 22kW
  •  EASEE application


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Easee Home Wallbox is charging stations through which electric cars and plug-in hybrids can be connected using their charging cable. These wallbox are strong, compact, and incredibly easy to install. They can also be expanded if needed. Their 4G connectivity feature makes them one of the top solutions available in the market. The Easee Wallbox can provide charging power of up to 11 kW.

Easee Home Wallbox 22 KW, 3 phase, RFID, Wifi

It works with both single-phase and three-phase power. You can adjust the charging speed between 6A and 32A using the Wallbox app according to the power available. The app also allows you to connect the device with your smartphone via Wifi or 4G connection.

The charging station can be used in two ways: Plug & Play or with an RFID card.

In Plug & Play mode, a cable connects the charging station to your electric vehicle, and charging starts automatically. In RFID mode, RFID cards are programmed into your charging station which initiate the charging process.

Key Features:

  • Activation: Plug & Play, RFID card. Adjustable through EASEE web portal
  • Charging intensity: 6A-32A, adjustable via the app
  • Provides wifi connection and 4G via EASEE App and EASEE web portal.
  • It comes with an E-Sim – 4G connection included and FREE for life
  • Dynamic load module without wires thanks to the Equalizer
  • User interface: IOs or Android app
  • T2 socket which can be locked to keep your electric car charging safely and securely in mode 3.
  • Charging station block and rigid thick cable
  • 6mA direct current leak detector incorporated in charging station
  • Equipped with the OCPP(Open Charge Point Protocol) 1.6 standard which enables smooth integration with other systems by accessing API interface.
  • IP54 and IK10 protection: Allows it to withstand in heavy rain
  • Type 2 plug which is compatible with all electric vehicles.
  • Enable / Disable charging remotely with App
  • Schedule the charge at the desired time slots (to charge only at off-peak hours for example)
  • Consumption history and the total cost of electricity consumed
  • The scalable infrastructure allows  installing up to 100 chargers on a single circuit.
  • Automatic balance of the phases
  • Energy meter integrated.
  • A wall mounting plate is also included.

Other Features

One can connect up to three EASEE Home Wallbox charging stations with a single power source allowing you to charge multiple cars simultaneously and available power is distributed automatically. This makes it easy to use as manual management is not required. It also has a

The Easee Home Wallbox is a compact and lightweight charging station that is discreet and practical. It is robust (IK10) and can withstand heavy rain (IP54), making it suitable for outdoor installation as well.

Size W193 x H256 x D106mm weights only 1.5 kg. Very robust (IK10) and resistant to heavy rain (IP54). It can be installed outdoors without rain protection. Its Nordic design ensures resiliancy against bad weather.

Easee App

The Easee application is available on Iphone IOs or Android, and allows you to manage the following functions:

  • Change charging power
  • Automate charging power with the Equalizer (dynamic charging)
  • Manage the activation mode: Plug & Charge or by RFID badge
  • Monitoring and managing different chargers
  • Enable / Disable remote charging
  • Enable vacation mode
  • Add and manage RFID badge users
  • Schedule the charge at the desired time slots (to charge only at off-peak hours for example)
  • View consumption history and total cost of electricity consumed, per user
  • Manage solar panels (100% solar or mixed energy)
  • Lock the type 2 cable in the terminal


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