Charge Amps RAY – portable Type 2 to schucko charger


  • The smallest control box on the market
  • Double temperature sensors
  • Adjustable amperage (with display)
  • Light and convenient
  • Winter proof – highest in class IP 66 rating
  • 7.5m cable, only 1,8kg


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Charge Amps RAY – portable charger with adjustable current from 6A to 16 A


The smart Ray charging cable, with the smallest control box on the market, lets you safely charge using a regular wall socket. When there are no charging stations available and you need to charge using a regular wall socket, RAY is best choice.


With double temperature sensors that constantly detect the heat in the socket, Ray adjusts the current level to prevent harmful heat generation. It only switches off completely if absolutely necessary, and always remembers the last set current level if there is a restart.

Protective earth: RCD typ A, <30 mA, with Automatic reset

Charge Amps RAY – TOP class portable charger.


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