22kW portable wallbox Type 2 socket with CEE plug

Smart portable adapter / wallbox with control electronics TYP2-CEE 16A / 32A (400V) with maximum power up to 22kW (3x32A). Can also charge 7,4kW – one phase charging or 11kW (3x16A). Small, light, easily portable.


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22kW portable wallbox (or smart adapter) expands the possibilities of charging electric cars. It can be used especially in places where there is no public charging stand, station or wallbox, but at the same time there is an industrial CEE socket – ie in family houses, garages, workplaces. With this accessory you will be ready to charge anywhere, just drop it in you trunk and have it ready when necessary.

Please note that it is possible to make fixed installation for this wallbox.

  • Charging with current up to 3x16A (11kW) / 3x32A (22kW),
  • optional charging current 6A – 32A (with LED button),
  • compatible with TN-S and IT networks,
  • connection for CEE 16A / 32A sockets,
  • for vehicles with Type 2 and Type 1 socket,
  • contains lock – automatic locking during charging to make sure equipment will not be stolen if left in public parking.
  • disconnection of the vehicle when leakage current is detected
    (30mA AC, 6mA DC),
  • meets IEC 61851-1, CE, EMC, RoHS standards,
  • small size, low weight, IP56 protection,
  • switching elements dimensioned for 30A / 50A,
  • temperature sensors in the adapter body + in the CEE socket,
  • the electronics of the adapter performs at each start
    self-diagnosis and signals possible problems.

Rated current: max 32A (22kW) can also operate @7.4kW (1x32A) or 11kW (3x16A)
Adjustable current: 6A / 10A / 13A / 16A / 20A / 25A / 32A
Number of phases: 1, 2 or 3 depending on the type of vehicle connected
Length: 0.5m
Permissible ambient temperature: -30 ° C to + 50 ° C
Protector type: A-EV (30mA AC, 6mA DC)

Manufacturers Warranty: 4 years



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