Charge Amps Aura 2x22kW


  • Connected to a cloud service
  • 2 x 22 kW, but can be set to any lower power level
  • Load balancing between sockets
  • Easy to install
  • ISO 15118 ready (supports Vehicle to Grid technology when available)
  • Made from recycled aluminium
  • Connection via 4G, WiFi or LAN (Optional – please enquire before ordering)


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Charge Amps Aura Semi-public charging station with 2 x 22 kW sockets

  • Able to charge with flexible charging power (up to 2x22kW) but can be set to any lower power level
  • Type 2 socket, fits all electric cars and plug-in hybrids
  • Connectable via Wi-Fi with the possibility of control online
  • Streamlined design, made of recycled aluminum
  • Robust charging box with modern design – carefully designed by industrial designer Joachim Nordwall, head designer of sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg
  • Two type 2 sockets that deliver up to 22kW each. Here, all rechargeable cars can be charged with maximum power.
  • Can be connected to Charge Amp’s cloud service via Wi-Fi for control and monitoring of the charge.
  • Works just as well at home by the villa as in the garage at the company or in the tenant-owner association.
  • Can be mounted both on the wall and on the pole.
  • For larger installations, Aura can be load balanced for dynamic distribution of available current, both between outlets and towards the property.

Charge Amps Cloud Service

When you buy Charge Amps Aura, access to Charge Amps’ cloud solution,, is included. Here the user can follow up charging statistics, schedule charging, change charging power and more. With the help of this service, the user can optimize his charge and monitor its electricity consumption.

Load balancing with Amp Guard

Amp Guard is a smart and connected power monitor that optimises the charge against other loads in the home and ensures that the plug does not trip.


DC protection and a type A RCD are integrated in the charging station. Together, they have the same functionality as and replace the requirement of a type B RCD.



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