Green Cell Wallbox 22kW with Display & Type 2 cable – 6m lenght

Safety is key – built-in RCD Type A + 6mA DC !

Green Cell EV PowerBox is a charger for every user of electric vehicles. LCD screen with access to the most important parameters, Type 2 cable – 6 meter lenght, minimalist design and extraordinary durability. Bet on the Green Cell brand

Security is the key. We have equipped the charger with advanced electronics that constantly monitors the charging parameters of your car. In addition, the aluminum housing is extremely durable, tight and waterproof in accordance with the IP66 standard

The integrated cable is compatible with all electric cars and Plug-In hybrids.


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Green Cell Wallbox charger allows for the fastest possible 22kW AC charging – almost 10 times faster than from a wall socket. In practice, this means approx 1h charge time for Leaf 1 (24kWh), 2h charge for Leaf 2 (40kWh), ~ 4h for Tesla Model S (85 kWh)

If your installation does not allow you to supply this current, the charger will simply work with the highest available power, e.g. 3,6kW, 7.2kW or 11kW. If one day it is possible to increase the power of the installation, there will be no need to change the charger. Green Cell Wallbox – PowerBox is ready for the future now.

Extremely easy assembly

In the set with the charger, you will get everything necessary for quick and complete mounting of the charger on the wall, among others drilling template, a set of screws and dowels and a holder for convenient cable storage on the wall.


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