Kostad TX-1000 11kW, Wifi, RFID, Type 2 cable

Kostad TX-1000 is a winner of ADAC Wallbox test May / 2021.

Kostad TX-1000 11kW is a white-labeled product based on  ABB Terra 11kW. The only difference between the two is external cover and product name


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Kostad TX-1000 is a winner of ADAC Wallbox test May / 2021. Probably the best value for money charging station in market today.

The new AC Wallbox charging station Kostad TX-1000 is known for its smart functionalities,  high quality, easy handling, and installation.

The wallbox charging station is an intelligent solution suitable for every company, home, and location. The compact design of the wallbox enables installation in the smallest spaces and also impresses with an appealing and minimalistic design.

Kostad TX-1000 main Features:

  • Wall or base mounting
  • Ready for remote software updates
  • Diverse connectivity options (Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet)
  • Integrated metering
  • Smart features for current regulation
  • User-friendly app
  • 11kW charging power

Charge scheduling ‘Peak shaving’

• Avoid peak electricity prices f.e. evening tariff by setting your charging time-slots schedule

• Make savings of ~ 100-300 eur a year* on electricity bill by avoiding peak electricity pricing  (subject to local electricity pricing)

Load management

• Built-in energy meter

• Manual or automated (dynamic) load management with ChargerSync App

• Ready for integration with advanced smart building energy system

Safety & protection

• Tested  and evaluated by independent 3rd party to meet the highest industry standards

• Current limiting protection prevents against nuisance tripping and over current to the installation

• Integrated protections including DC ground fault and over voltage


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