CHRG Network station management system

CHRG Network is a user-intuitive software solution that makes it easy to view the charging information from your Elinta or Ensto charging station online anytime, anywhere, and makes it very simple to manage your users, payments and billing.

  • Manage your charging stations, users and opening times
  • Keep a record of all charging sessions
  • Access your charging station with your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Remote support from the manufacturer
  • Compatible with all Elinta, Ensto stations Mode 2 stations


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CHRG Network provides you with a simple, smart and future-proof charging solution. Choose option below that suits your needs. As a CHRG Network customer, you can offer charging to your own customers and employees with an electric car without having to worry about managing and/or invoicing users. We ensure the operation and maintenance of your charging equipment and we are always available if you need help.

Visualisation and control

CHRG Network WebApp displays all of your charging sessions. You can see when, how long and how much electricity you are charging, as well as how much you have consumed so far.

Manage your charging stations and users

WebApp makes it easy and convenient to set opening times for your charging stations and to add new users remotely.

Export charging data for simple billing

With CHRG Network WebApp, you can view all charging sessions on all your charging stations at once, or organise the data by charging session, charging station and user. All charging information can be exported in Excel format, making it easy to create statements and other documents.

Remote support

In the event of a malfunction, with CHRG Network administrator tool you can remotely access your charging station to quickly detect and resolve errors at no extra cost. This means you benefit from a high level of operational reliability for your charging infrastructure and no expensive on-site technician services.

Internet connection and OCPP

To connect to CHRG Network WebApp, your charging station needs an internet connection via an ethernet cable or a mobile signal (depending on your station model). The app communicates with the charging station via the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the universal communication protocol for charging stations and backend systems.

Charging progress can be seen at all times

With CHRG Network’s station admin tool you record all charging processes with ease online, and you can access them using any device at any time. The datasets can be exported easily – for example, for billing purposes.


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